Bob Dahlstrom | Founder & CEO

A marathon runner, Bob knows the value of discipline, training and persistence. He founded BluePrint Data in 1998 and is the architect of its software and systems. Prior to that he was a full time faculty member at Florida State University, worked for the Florida Legislature, and worked in a clean room at AT&T Microelectronics in wafer fabrication where he wrote his first computer program in 1986. Bob is unequivocally adamant that software is “eating the world” and  is passionate about designing and create software controlled robotic systems that keep people out of harms way and save lives. 

We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims.
— Buckminster Fuller

Paul Hunkin | Chief Technology Officer

Paul is an avid world traveler and adventurer and over the past decade has worked for organizations ranging from early-stage startups like SafariDesk and CleverCare to medium-sized businesses like Blueprint Data, Tangent, and Westpac Bank, all the way up to giants like Google, NASA, InfoSys, and the Chinese aerospace industry leader COMAC. As a full stack software developer he has built everything from high-performance big-data systems to complex web applications. If you play independent games on Android, you’re likely using code he's worked on. 

Design and programming are human activities;
forget that and all is lost.
— Bjarne Stroustrup

Tariq Rashid | Chief Pilot and Engineering Lead

An aerospace engineer and a retired naval aviator with numerous missions in the Mideast and thousands of hours in fixed and rotary wing aircraft Tariq has passion for drones, robotics and a long background in electronics, focused on hardware development and integration. He has an M.S. in Modeling Simulation and Virtual Environments with a BS in Physics with multiple  certifications including the distinction of being one of the very first FAA Remote Pilots licensed under section 107. He volunteers with multiple organizations and founded two drone meetups in the Jacksonville Florida community. and brings to Apellix a disciplined and unwavering approach to safety that is incorporated into every aspect of our products and operations.

Tariq Rashid Photo
The future is already here
it’s just not evenly distributed.
— William Gibson

Jeff McCutcheon | Co-Founder and CFO

Mr. McCutcheon is Managing Director and co-founder of Board Advisory, LLC, a consultancy advising boards and investor groups on executive performance, succession and rewards issues.  Prior to his work advising boards, Jeff served as an executive officer at CSX Corporation and as an executive for three other Fortune 250 companies. An avid rower, he knows the critical value of working in concert as a team and creating a culture that values diversity, openness and transparancy.