Our mission


* Develop elegant transformative solutions that keep workers safe

* Work at the edge of innovation making the impossible possible

* Be a good company and have fun

What We Do

What we do changes lives – workers’ lives, and the lives of those in our communities. Apellix systems are reducing occupational hazards and making working at heights safer. We are saving tax dollars for the corrosion management of public assets, such as highway bridges and battleships, and saving private dollars on the protection of buildings, ships, storage tanks, oil rigs, and more.

Apellix has developed the technology to do Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) at a level never seen before. Using an Apellix NDT aerial platform, the owner of a cruise ship, the commander of a Navy battleship, or a state department of transportation can collect 1,000 readings on an expanse of surface where, in the past, only 10 or 20 readings could be taken.


Environmental Statement

Apellix is dedicated to minimizing our carbon footprint on the environment. As part of our corporate sustainability, we are proud to be a 100% solar powered. Apellix is the first company in Jacksonville, Florida to take advantage of the Jacksonville Electrical Authority’s (JEA) SolarSmart Program.

Our robotic and other systems use rechargeable lithium polymer batteries, which can be re-used for hundreds of cycles. Using rechargeable batteries significantly reduces the amount of landfill waste created, and when the batteries do reach end of life they can be recycled for reuse. Many of our aircraft's 3D printed components are constructed from non-petroleum based products derived from corn. 

Robotic systems can optimize processes previously controlled by human judgement. This optimization can reduce the extent of product waste, making jobs more sustainable and less wasteful. An example of this is demonstrated by our painting robotic system, which can apply a more precise thickness of paint and reduce paint overspray.


How We Do It

The patented Apellix aerial platforms remove humans from harm’s way, what OSHA describes as “engineering the risk out and away.” We remove the risk of people falling by keeping them safe on the ground and the aerial platform in the air. And in the process the Apellix platforms gather a breadth and depth of data that has never before been available.

It is the collection of data that really distinguishes what we do, and where our company and the industry are headed.

Our Talent

We are a team of fearless, driven problem solvers; wickedly smart, motivated people revolutionizing an industry and saving lives by removing workers from harm’s way. We tirelessly embrace the challenge to design, build, and deliver ever-more incredible and visionary innovations.