dry film thickness (DFT)


Autonomous drone for performing safe, reliable, and cost-effective dry film thickness measurements


●  Performs 100 or more DFT readings per hour, at multiple measurement sites, with optional all-day flight via ground power (no battery changes)

●  User interface displays real-time measurement values

●  Data records are exported to user as a text-based .csv file

●  Performs measurements pursuant to SSPC-PA 2, ASTM D 7091, IMO PSPC and others

●  Reaches vertical locations up to 100 m (300 ft) above ground level

●  Operable in winds up to 12 knots (13 mph)

●  Dramatically reduces requirements for scaffolding, lifts, and fall protection equipment

Uses a Fischer DUALSCOPE FMP40 gauge for ferrous and nonferrous substrates


What is autonomous flight?

The pilot simply positions the aircraft near the inspection target and selects the START button on the user interface. The onboard computer then takes over, performing all flight control and testing before returning to a safe zone to await further instructions.

About Apellix Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Robotic Devices

Our patented aerial robotic system is a hardened custom drone equipped with an array of sensor systems, a full onboard computer, and custom software to allow automatic flight to contact wall structures for measurements. The aircraft includes an articulating robotic arm with an end effector, which is the component that physically contacts the material being tested. The end effector contains the inspection measurement equipment, such as a dry film thickness or ultrasonic thickness probe. It is important to note that inspection devices measuring readings are the same technology currently used in the industry; the aerial robotic system simply places the probe against the wall surface instead of a person.