UT Testing with the Apellix Aerial Robotic Platform

This video is of the patented Apellix Smart Bee(TM) aerial robotic system conducting Ultrasonic Thickness (Ultrasonic Testing / UT) gauging of an aboveground storage tank at a petrochemical facility. The aircraft approach is autonomously performed by the onboard software and the UT measurement (and other data) is displayed live on the operator’s tablet, saved onboard the aircraft, and sent to a secure location on the cloud. Subsequent to this flight we have optimized the couplant delivery to the probe tip to reduce the quantity used during flight.


Ultrasonic testing (ut)

A nondestructive testing method for wall thickness gauging


Dry-Film Thickness (DFT)

A nondestructive testing method for paint thickness gauging


painting & Cleaning drone

Under Development


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